Thursday, February 16, 2012

he swims! v-day twenty twelve

On the day of Lovers we had quite the good 'ol family band time (minus the band.) I have to brag and say I made the MOST DELICIOUS meal. Crockpot BBQ Ribs (thank you pinterest for your constant companionship in my life), twice baked potatoes, green beans, and some guac/chips appetizer so EZ could participate in the feast. The ribs were off-the-hook. Both Matt and I were groaning of pure delight. (insert groaning nookie joke here for what happened later that night as well! bam, went there!)

And then do you know what we did after that most glorious meal? We went to the local swimmin' hole and dunked our baby! Well, not dunked... but he did get in the pool. (obviously we waited 30 minutes after eating so we wouldn't die.) And after about 10 minutes of wide-eyed wonderment mixed with cranky scowls, he smiled. And laughed a few times. And kicked his legs and flapped his arms like an expert. And basically since Matt and I constantly scheme up ideas on how to figuratively pimp-out our child to hopefully one day make us a ton of money (nickelodeon character? chip-n-dale star? actor/hottie/ryan gosling sensation?) - we are starting him young to see if he can (1)swim in the lane? (2)try on the trunks? (3)literally swim in the wake? of Michael Phelps. I'm not sure which one of those is the best way to say "walk in his footsteps" in water terms so I'm keeping all three.

And that fat baby chub in a wee swim diaper was not bad at all. Not at all.

After his great adventure into the water, we put EZ to bed and told him he was the best valentine in the world (he really was.)  Then Matt and I tortured Guido for 1.5 hours while we watched Lady and the Tramp. Our dog barks at TV dogs and that movie drove him bananas. Note to future self: don't watch 101 Dalmatians or Air-bud when Guido is around. They might just push him over the edge.

And next year I'll use a real camera for pictures instead of a cell phone. Maybe. Until next year, keep the love Valentines.