Sunday, February 26, 2012

bffs in the making

I'd give the first 2 months of having a dog and a newborn a thumbs down. I wasn't used to being around Guido all day long and he was so needy & pesky when all I wanted to do was snug up to my baby in peace! C'mon Guido! Couldn't you see that?

But now that our sleazy EZ is 7 months old, we've settled into a nice groove. I might even call it groovy if I were that kind of person. (Which I'm probably not.) It's really sweet when I catch Guido sleeping next to the crib as our boy is napping. Or when EZ laughs just because he sees his dog. Matt is going to get awfully jealous in the next couple of years when he loses the battle for dog BFF. And will you just LOOK at their faces?

How fantastic.

I wrote once how I thought having a puppy was like having a baby, and I stand by it. It was oddly similar between puppy/baby (except magnified by ten thousand with our human baby obviously.)  Guido still drives me batty on a daily basis because he's a flippin' punk, but at least he is sweet on our boy. That will always win me over.

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