Tuesday, February 21, 2012

{almost} seven months

his 6 month appointment was today (even though he's a week away from 7 months... bc even as first time parents we are forgetful and lose track of his appointments.) 

just shy of 18 pounds
just over 27 inches long
head is still as big as a melon
and he learned to do math on the abacus while waiting for the doctor. (brilliant.)

tip-top shape and healthy as an ox. we are so thankful.

as i was putting him to bed tonight (in his 12 month pjs that fit too snug for a 7 month old) he just didn't look like a baby. he's turning into a boy every time i blink. it's a good thing i take so many pictures. like of his face.

or faces, rather.


  1. dude... you are freaking funny. and your kid, besides being a genius, is way cute.

    i'm glad we met/i can blog stalk you now. i hope that's not creepy...

    1. anybody that thinks i'm funny (and ez is cute) is a bffl. (blogfriendforlife obv)

      whoop there it is.

    2. That needs to be crocheted on a pillow somewhere.

  2. Me and royal were thinking the same thing. We both met you tonight and both liked you. So we both went home and looked up your blog and commented.

    Agreed, your kid is cute.

    1. i'd say the same thing i said to royal, but that wouldn't be very clever at all.

      glad we met at a blog party,
      let's be friend and i'll call you shawty!

      there it is.