Friday, January 13, 2012

unless you're a dragon, elf, or mythical creature... i'm not interested

the one exception is matt.

since his birthday is tomorrow, i guess i'll be interested in him.

well, and ez red.

i'm always interested in that little dude. (plus he cries if i'm not... what a baby!)

anyone or anything else, don't bother.

i'm currently only interested in dragons.
dragons and elves.
dragons, elves and riders.
dragons, elves, riders, and humans.
dragons, elves, riders, humans, and dwarves.
dragons, elves, riders, humans, dwarves, and werecats.
dragons, elves, riders, humans, dwarves, werecats, and war.
etcetera, nerdy etcetera...

once i start into a thick book, it's hard to function in both worlds. does that happen to you? of course it does. i see your nerdy, mythical minds racing right now as you drift off into la la story book worlds.

i can't wait to share other nerdy things coming out of casa de thorup as well. stay tuned (after i finish my book, obv.)

p.s. the book I am reading is Inheritance (the 4th in the eragon series.)


  1. I'm not interested in anything other then the end of the world, kill-zone patterns, a mind-eating disease called the flare and telepathy right now. so........

  2. What book are you reading? I would love to get lost in a new book.

  3. That's the book I got Stu for Christmas... it's the only thing I got for him for Christmas because someone decided to bust out of my womb early.