Monday, January 23, 2012

pictures of pictures of a picture book

For the past few years, I've been using to create photo books of our life. I take thousands of pictures every month (well, at least since we had a baby...probably only hundreds pre-baby) and if I don't catalog them, edit them, and put them out for display- then what's the point?  So I'm really trying to stay up on it before the project becomes too overwhelming. Enter mypublisher. Their software is easy to use, they always have sales or discounts, and the quality is superb. Ashely Ann {who is my hero} was how I found out about this company and I'm so glad I did. (And no one is paying me for my opinion even though I really think they should! Or hey! At least refer me (email carlathorup @ gmail) if anyone out there uses their site.)

EZ's first book is my favorite. Hard cover, 98 pages (extra pages free sale!), and I was able to put every picture (including my thousands of iPhone ones) of his first 4 months without having to leave any out. Whambamathankayamam.

Kid #2 is going to be forever jealous of EZ's documentation. Good thing I grew up with the mantra that life ain't fair, and I intend to pass it on.

My publisher featured a few pages of this little baby book on their facebook wall today :) So basically it's not just me that thinks Ezekiel Red needs to be an online celebrity.

 I am his hiring agent if anyone else is interested. I warn you, he's quite expensive, but he is a dream to work with. Giggles and slobber included!


  1. wooooooah.
    that's such a cool book! and what a great idea! thanks for the heads up on mypublisher.
    helloooo christmas gifts!

  2. Wow! Great book! The quality is rockin! I always say I'm going to blurb my blog but I'm going on fiveish years and still haven't done a think. I fear the price tag now..

  3. Going to have to check this out! I just moved 13,000 photos off of my computer on to a hard drive. And then I thought, "And now they are on some piece of machinery and I never ever look at them. That's DUMB!" So I want to make a photo book but had been looking for other programs besides Shutterfly. If I use it I'll refer you for sure!!

  4. I'm sort of sad because i don't feel like I got enough pictures of Autumn the first week outside of my insides but I still foresee a book in her future...

  5. wow. i love it. i really need to make one.

  6. you're a great picture taker-er