Wednesday, January 4, 2012

one last christmas post to get it all out of my system.

this year we had some incredible family parties and i just want to post a few pictures and write a wee recap of each party so that we remember how much fun it is to hang out with our families. i just can't let them slip by in the hubbub of new year's resolutions.

my dad's party (ken & kim's party):
festive clothing (casey/heidi/ez were the clear winners.) cafe rio. jingle bells. white elephant. reindeer antlers. big purple bunny face. woodland christmas decoration. deep, heavy laughter.

my madre's party (danell):
chicken cordon bleu. delicious sherbet beverage. fun kiddie presents - the animal blankets! matt's yo-yo show (which left quite the impact on the chillens.) noelle's holiday song riddles (which were totally hard). lots of kid playing and adult joking.

the thorup's party (david & carole)
we stretched the thorup's christmas out over 3 days as it was their year. 'twas awesome.
#1 pizza factory. bowling (david won by 1 pin! and showed off his singles & crack ;) daaaavid) the christmas light house. i didn't actually take very many pictures... but DJ did... so maybe he'll email me some? (hint hint)

#2 christmas eve. dee dee & grum's house. the best tamales everrrrrr (also, pizza.) ez showed off his tricks & his delicious legs. matching jim jams. sibling gifts. josh revealed his never-nude status while ez disapproved. pleather condom hat. dj wins at christmas and gives nerf guns to everyone. WAR ENSUES. (srsly, like 45 minutes of nerf battle. megan & her 6 month pregnant belly yelling AMMO! and we women totally owning the boys. carole pulled hero and took care of our boy since matt and i totally got lost in competition and forgot we had a kid for a bit.) it was epic (and i do not use that word lightly.)

#3 christmas morn. generous present giving. lots of picture taking. kinect gaming. book reading. nap taking. family lounging.

it really was a superb year. merry christmas, indeed.

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