Monday, January 30, 2012

maybe he did, maybe he didn't. what did he maybe do?*

I have some other posts in the works that aren't about the center of our universe, but I figured Dr. Grandpa David could use some new pictures at work tomorrow :) EZ has doting grandparents that depend on this blog to see lots and lots (and lots and lots and lots...) of photos of their favorite boy. I'm just fulfilling my daughter-in-law duty, you see!

 Oh, and because I have to share this picture. THIS PICTURE, you guys. THIS is our son. If you've ever thought "I just don't know if I've seen enough pictures of EZ to know him, you know?" Then this one is for you! This is the perfect picture of Ezekiel Red as a 6 month old.
His round, round (mostly bald) head. His big, blue eyes with petite pupils (it's a real thing, I asked his doc to be sure it's ok that they're smaller.)  His button nose that slightly angles up. His lips that are mostly hidden and just barely fall down in the corners. His right ear that sticks out just a tiny bit more than his left. The immaculate squish of his upper thighs. His grabby hands with those dimples. And last, but certainly not least, his chin. Oh that glorious chin! It's usually hidden within waves of chub, but on occasion it peaks out and shows it's mightiness.

As much as EZ smiles and giggles, this stoic picture is him. Him to a capital E and Z. And I really do like it, I dare say.

Plus, it looks like he's questioning things. Always questioning things, this kid. Like.. when, when are we gunna git a gig? (FotC fans unite!*)

Why not throw a few more photographs up? Like this obsessed mother peacock could show just one! I'm a show-er, hence the self given peacockery I just threw down.

{"Don't put me in here with him. I'm innocent. I'm innocent." 3 conchord references in 1 post! I still got it.}

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  1. you should write children's books! you would be really good at it :-) I love your posts!