Tuesday, January 17, 2012

matt turned 27 with a pair of eyebrows!

alternate titles for this post:
oh the nerdy, nerdy things i do for him
ez, the last eyebrow bender
it's cool to be 27 and into cartoons
are those real?
only a few handful will get this, but it'll still make everyone else laugh

matt turned the big two-seven on saturday, but on friday he was visited by a very special visitor while he was at work...Aang from Avatar:The Last Airbender series! matt (and most of his office as well) is a huge fan of the art & story of the nickelodeon series, and what better way to celebrate his day of birth than dressing up his own son?

and that is up there on my list of random things i've done in my life.

doesn't ez look awesome with thick brows? it actually doesn't even look like our baby boy. really! and some of the people at his office actually asked if they were real... which they are not. he doesn't actually have little caterpillars hanging out on his face. but he does have an arrow taped to his head. i was laughing so hard getting him ready, but matt laughed even harder when i showed up with this sweet, sleeping airbender of a boy.

definitely less long-distance sweet than last year's birthday poster when he was up in seattle, and equally awesome but more nerdy than 2 years ago for his UP birthday party. i am really quite proud of my random birthday skillz. (for reals, i floated balloons up to his 2nd story office and now i've put eye-shadow eyebrows on his boy. i can't wait for next year!)

i hope you all got a laugh.

happy birthday & we love you, matt!


  1. oh my! those eyebrows are hilarious!!! (seriously people thought they were real?)

    you are pretty much the bomb.com of a wife.

  2. that picture of you laughing is one of my favorite pictures ever.
    this is the best birthday idea ever!!
    you are so cool.

    "wanna go penguin sledding?!"

  3. This is the best. Also, themed parties are the best. They really should have modeled Aang after EZ; he pretty much nailed it.

  4. i want to live in your family so i can take part in your awesome birthday parties.

  5. carla, you are rad. milo is into avatar and this is making me laugh.