Wednesday, January 18, 2012

listen up if you are a lover in love (and also not married...)

My homegirl Jalene is doing a killer contest for anybody engaged or about to be engaged over on her blog... and if I didn't already have a hunka hunka burnin' lovah of my very own, I may consider getting married again JUST to have wedding photos by her. I mean, I guess I could marry Matt again... but wouldn't that be cheating just to win the contest? I'll have to read the fine print just to be safe.


If you remember our pregnancy photos (wherein I show my true colors about Bieber) & EZ's newborn photos (my favorite shots of our boy)... then you'll know this is a prize you want to win. She is super talented, people! We actually already have a family shoot scheduled for summertime because we like her so much.

There are some rules you have to follow to submit your info, and then there is a contest where people will vote for the winner... so click on the picture below and find out the exact details!
Seriously, I hope someone I know wins. Free, beautiful wedding photos?! Can you even imagine?


  1. oh man. if i was engaged... or even had a boyfriend, i'd be ALL over this! how awesome!

  2. when i saw this i immediately cursed all men for not asking me to be their wife yet. but then i got over it and remembered that i'm just waiting for mr. right. but gosh i wish he were here already so we could snatch jalene for our wedding. snatch? too scary? let's say utilize instead. her work is top notch.