Tuesday, January 10, 2012

life via the iphone

we've stayed in bed to do our tummy and toe time

 we've enjoyed the weather at the park and in the house

 we had our first go at solids... the 2nd go around he was more into it

we've had lots of dad and baby time

we've slept... and sometimes not slept when we should have been sleeping

i love the iphone. fo' reals. i just finished making a photo book from ez's first 4 months and i included many an iphone picture. they just show the day to day so well. i'm so glad they were invented.

also, i say "we" a ton more because it feels as if ez and i are one unit. lilypad and marshmallow anyone?


    soooo, when i go to hang out with ez (because we're BFF's and he loves me), i vote we have a himym marathon. deal?

  2. Solids already?! Sheesh. That was fast.

    And hello baby blues! He's gonna be a ladies man for sure!

  3. he is such a little cutie. i love your instagram updates. hip hip hooray for iphones!

  4. Ha. Ike and I watched all 6 seasons of himym on Netflix. I just want Ted to get married already!
    Love little ez red.

  5. I wish they had an iPhone where I didn't have to have data, but could take photos. I think I'd take a lot more of my own photos if I had a smaller camera! David left Utah earlier than me and left our Canon with me. About half the photos I took are out of focus. Oops.

    Okay the bottom right photo is the cutest. That shirt! Those eyes! That hairline! I think baby boys' hairlines are so cute for some reason. He's adorable. No wonder you love him so much! :)

    Thanks again for trying to help me out with the coupon. That was so nice of you! Too bad we didn't get to see each other.

    Love this update.