Thursday, January 26, 2012


Everyone says EZ looks like Matt, and I've studied both of their faces enough (and baby pictures) to know that is correct.  He will definitely look like his daddy.

However, that does not prevent him from having facial expressions like his mommy. Example:

He really is my son. And I really do love everything about this picture. (He was slap happy because it was way past his bedtime! I seriously love when he is slap happy.)

Oh, and this next face he's pulling? All Matt. That is not mother given fo' sho  ;)



  1. that last picture is so good.
    what a guy.

  2. I think that is one my biggest things I'm looking forward to with kids is that "who does .... look like?" It's trippy (what.. 90's word) to think about. Ah! Can't wait.

  3. matt's a lucky guy. you're very pretty