Friday, January 20, 2012

being consistent

When I get into serious cleaning mode, I always have to be wearing an accessory. A hat, glasses, a headband, a fancy pair of shoes... for some reason it helps me really get down to business. Like I'm playing a part in some tidy production.  I also wear an apron & gloves to clean the kitchen, and usually keep the apron on for the rest of the house. Maybe it's my inner housewife? I have chick music blasting (beyonce, b spears, gaga, x-tina...) and prefer headphones so I can't hear myself sing. I do have to be quieter now that I have a baby sleeping down the hall, but I still manage to work it.

That said, Matt and I will never win an award for being the cleanest house on the block. Our drawers and closets don't get closed that often, we don't mop nearly enough, and we are never the type to "maintain" cleanliness. We clean, make a huge mess, and then clean again after a few days of living in the mess.

In the past three months I've had to put myself on a (loose) schedule to make sure things are gettin' done. Tuesday is laundry/bedrooms/clutter. Thursday is front room/dining table/kitchen. Matt is in charge of the bathrooms. And the other days I do whatever I can after work, but don't feel guilty if I lay in my bed snuggling my boy instead. I'd rather cuddle than have a clean home, that's fo sho. (And reading about Dragons usually beats cleaning too.)

Oh, and then there's exercise. And food. And budgeting. And responsibilities. And fun. And leisure. And and and.

So many things that need to be managed.

So my goal (since about November) has been consistency.

If I can just be consistent in my efforts, then it's cool if I have a bad day here or there. At least I know that I'll pick back up again tomorrow, because I'm constantly choosing the life of a consistent person. Consistentite. Consissy Consistentor. Consistentadora. (It's difficult to get a noun from that word, but Consistentadora is growing on the spanish girl inside me.)  If you say consistent too many times it starts sounding weird. Consistent. Consistent. Consistent.

One of consistency. You can count on her, because boy! is she consistent. That's what people will say about me one day. That Carla, such a consistentadora.

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  1. being an adult is stressful! you have inspired me to schedule my cleaning. man, carla, you are always inspiring me. so consistently inspiring me.