Sunday, January 22, 2012

adventures of a first time foodie

EZ digs pears the very most. Rice cereal is his number 2. Bananas make him gag (the texture). Avocados are his least favorite thus far, but he does make the very best faces & dry heaves the most with them. Next up are sweet potatoes and green beans. My next goal is to clean off the dern table and try not to open my mouth every time I give him a spoonful.

So far he's taken to eating like he's taken to life: easy peasy.

{We didn't name him Difficult Red.}

Bless this kid and his growing belly.


  1. I used to open my mouth too! It's just natural :-)

  2. oh no! he doesn't like avocados! so sad. ike loves 'em. i give him a little smidge when he can't poop. sure enough- it's worked every time! ;)