Saturday, December 17, 2011

under the light of the christmas tree

Basically since EZ arrived, it sort of feels like we are constantly dreaming. I just keeping waiting to wake up and find that we never had a baby and our pretty great life of just us 2 continued. BUT THEN I do actually wake up only to peak across the hallway and find that we DID INDEED have a baby, and he's totally super awesome and perfect & has made our life so much greater. I find myself telling Matt  "I can't make this shiz up!" far too often because it's usually happier than my brain can even fathom.

Last night after a fun-filled family Christmas party, we came home (much past our boy's normal bed time), changed into PJ's, and sat next to the Christmas tree for his nightly ritual. Stare at pretty lights, eat, cuddle, play, and then eventually drift to sleep. (We also watched the new Prep & Landing and it was brilliant.) The entire evening was pure magic. Oh, and EZ's laugh makes our world go round.

I'm pretty sure reality is better than any dream that I've ever had for my future family. Nobody pinch me in case I awake.

So very thankful for my Matt and Ezekiel. And even Guido most of the time.

Oy. My heart just might explode of bliss if I watch that video for the 17,909th time. (he really likes my fake high pitch laugh & i am happy to indulge anytime for that face!)


  1. Man. I always says this, but I love the Thorups. You guys really do make parenting look awesome.

    Beautiful house. Beautiful babe. Beautiful Family.


  2. sweet sweet sweet. i love it all!

    and yes, ez's laugh is awesome.