Tuesday, December 27, 2011

our christmas morn

EZ & Matt both looked dapper for Christmas Sunday (slicked, parted hair and all!), and our sweet boy slept through the whole church program since we kept him up past midnight on Christmas Eve.  This Christmas was so special with EZ. I thought a lot about Mary and how she and Joseph welcomed a precious babe to the earth knowing full well what his life was going to be like. I can't imagine some of the hard stuff EZ will have to go through (and I don't think about it often, because it makes a mama's heart hurt), but to be in Mary's shoes as a mother is unfathomable. Jesus Christ atoned for the sins of the world, and Mary could do nothing to ease His pain. Joseph could do nothing to ease His pain. Heavenly father could do nothing to ease his pain. He suffered and died completely alone for us, His brothers and sisters.

As we celebrated Christmas, Matt and I tried our best to keep Christ in the center.  Becoming a mother has made me feel closer to heaven as I watch over my Ezekiel, and I really understand unconditional, all-encompassing love more than ever before. For God, for Christ, for Matt, for EZ, for Family, for Friends. It really is incredible.

After church, we changed back into our PJ's, grabbed Guido to join in the party, and had some good 'ol fashioned gift giving. 

I surprised Matt (and his parents) by re-creating a photo of Matt @ 4 months old (right) with EZ @ 4 months old (left.) They look a lot alike, but our boy has a few pounds on Matt! And funny story - a while back Matt and I talked about fake, Buddy Holly inspired hipster glasses and we BOTH bought the exact pair for each other. Hello! We are married for a reason, people! EZ got a high chair and some lovely new toys, and can't wait to start eating solid foods next month! (We are still stunned he's old enough.)

What a merry morning!


  1. Oh my word, that story about the glasses is incredible. Glad you & the fam had a merry one!

  2. okay, that first paragraph made me tear up!!!! how incredibly sweet. i sure can't wait to experience that. what an awesome family you have.

  3. You guys all look so dapper!! Beautiful words Carla!! Glad to read you had a nice Christmas.

  4. you are all looking so dapper! really.
    p.s. tell matt i LOVE mini charleston chews too. mmm.

  5. You looked gorgeous on Christmas!