Thursday, December 29, 2011

my sweet 5 month old boy,

EZ! You're 5 months old! It's so great.

Let's start with your stats, shall we?

15.8 lbs of deliciousness & 25 inches tall.  You carry most of your weight in your cheeks and thighs, and your head is not getting any smaller. Mah big boy! You know how to roll over all the different ways, but sometimes forget. One minute you're like "oh i totally got this!" and then the next minute you are super duper frustrated because you forgot. It's really sweet & mostly funny. 

The comments we hear most from people are "Does he ever cry?" and "He is SUCH a good baby." You have this calm, laid back personality and just like to sit and observe. You smile and giggle and have started screeching just this week. You like when I dance with you, and really like when papa bear is around. You turn into a super version of yourself when we are both around and really turn out all the tricks. We all thrive when we're together.

You spend a lot of time with your aunts, uncles, and wonderful grandparents and will never ever lack love or attention. That's the truth.

You love your hands, just found your feet, and will lick anything that is near your mouth. You especially think it's funny when it's a nose! You love your bumbo & sitting up, and have recently taken a liking to your doorway jumper.

We have been doing straight breast milk for the full 5 months and haven't rushed starting solids. Probably next month? I love nursing & make sure twice a day I do nothing but look at you while you're eating. No distractions, just memorizing your eyelashes and your button nose and your sweet fingers. You usually squish my lips and nose with your free hand while you eat, and it's basically my favorite thing. I hope it lasts. You also take a bottle really well, which everyone appreciates. And you'll take a binkie, but usually only when you're tired.

I usually sing Goodnight Sweetheart to put you to bed, but Matt prefers Folsom Prison Blues. You sleep soundly with either, but it does seem you like Matt's deep voice a bit better.

Speaking of sleep, you my EZ, are a champ. Matt and I decided early on we wouldn't force you into a schedule for the first 6-9 months,  but you've sort of set up your very own schedule anyway. On a normal day, you'll take 2-3 naps, be in bed by 7:30 pm, wake up once during the night to eat (around 4:30-6:00), and then wake up around 8-9:00.  You don't really get cranky if you miss a nap, or stay up too late, and will basically fall asleep anywhere. (The movies, the bowling alley, any 'ol house, church... like I said, anywhere.) You like to be swaddled like a burrito the best, but will fall asleep even without your tortilla blanket. Just in the past 2 weeks you've started crying before bed, but it seems like you're just sad to be missing out on fun. You are so tired, but can't bear the thought of missing anything so you cry until the tired takes over. Matt and I take turns snuggling you just right (face against chest, blanket pulled up just above your nose so you can feel it against your cheeks) until you drift off. And then we check on you a minimum of 5 times before we go to bed.

Christmas was magical with you around, and basically the past 5 months could be described as magical. I knew having a baby would be good, but it's more like good to the power of uh-mazing. Matt and I constantly talk about how much we like you, and I'm sure your Guido dog likes having you around too (now that he's gotten used to being #2.)  

Thanks for being so freakin' cool.

We love you, squeezy EZ.

As big as the sky and as wide as the sea.

Mama + Papa


  1. Five months?!! How did that happen? He's adorable!

  2. Those pictures I love!
    Such a great post.