Sunday, December 11, 2011

ez's agenda

1. Hanging out with his main boy, Guido. [also: trying not to be licked to death.]
2. Perfecting his furrow. [also: trying to grow more hair]
3. Constantly having at least 1 hand in his mouth. [More often: both]
4. Trying to simultaneously grab his toes while keeping said hand in his mouth. [also: exploring the fact that he has toes!]

Quite the busy week ahead.

What do you have going on? And will you be wearing striped knee high socks at any point during the week? I sure hope so.


  1. Can I have EZ's agenda for a few days? I mean.. laying around with little clothes on and just chillin. It's got to be nice. :)

  2. cute baby boy, cute onesie, cute socks!! you are one lucky momma! :)