Sunday, November 27, 2011

thanks-giving 2011

man alive, it was a good holiday weekend. bowling before a big feast at my dad's house. i made home-made stuffing and it was DE-licious, thank you very much. lots of family time and good, hearty, inappropriate laughs.

ezekiel had his first nightmare (which wasn't cool), but he sleep-cried and wanted to be cuddled so tight. it was so sad and yet precious at the same time. he had the sweetest face all squished up on my shoulder while we rocked and i sang him back to a peaceful slumber. it was my most grateful moment of the weekend. that kid. i love him. 

matt and i deep cleaned the house on friday, and you know it's really really bad when it takes you longer than an hour to clean your bathroom, and you are sore the next day from scrubbing the tub. so much shame. we also watched super 8 and we really liked it. it totally reminds me of matt and his brothers and their halloween movie making shenanigans.

we went out to a pub on friday night {while my brother and his wife watched EZ at our place} specifically so matt could show his brothers "the chubby melt." grilled cheese, burger patty, grilled cheese. pretty good for a heart attack.  while at the pub, we saw a guy get kicked out, our waiter get punched by the guy that got kicked out, and played a round of darts. quite the party for a night out. we are putting a nice dart board on our christmas list. we also played reverse charades with my bro's friends and it was awesome. 

saturday brought us french toast, bijou market (where i bought cute things for EZ's room), a new nerdy thing for matt's computer, a sunshine-filled visit to the dog park, and then we went to moneyball with family. baby boy slept the whole time in my arms and didn't make a peep. we even brought a pillow to put under my arm to make it more comfortable. 

and today, sunday, was great. just great. so much gratitude.

bless this happy weekend. and all of food we ate during it. sooo full.

there are a lot of kissing pictures lately. now that i've noticed i'll remedy that in future posts.

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  1. I can't believe this is the first time I'm commenting! I read your blog every time there is a new post! Anyway, I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving, and no! don't stop the kissing pictures! EZ is so cute. :)