Monday, November 14, 2011

on saturday...

We bought a green van.

It's like, ironic.

You wouldn't understand.

We also went to a concert.

It was like, underground.

You probably haven't heard of them.


I mean, can you even imagine the pictures?

Well you're going to have to, because I didn't take any photos.

Gasp! No photos?


You know when you feel like you look cool and then you see a picture of yourself and you realize that it's all in your head? I didn't want that to happen so I kept the cameras away. I felt like I looked cool and Matt said I looked hot so I went with it. Plus, it was our first time hiring a babysitter and I wanted to be totally present. If I even have my phone on my body it's a distraction (hello texts, emails, instagram, twitter, fb, photos!) So Matt held my phone all evening and I actually thought I made more memories than I would have with a lens.

Matt is a funny cuss. I like when we hang out. And kiss.

Oh, back to the green van.

Lately we've taken a hard look at our life and have felt unsatisfied with our finances, more specifically all of our debt. So we sold our hip Mazda and went looking for a really good deal in any shape or color. Just shaking things up!

And that's where we stumbled upon a nice mini-van that was 90% less expensive than our old car, was in nice condition for a 1998, and it was a nice shade of green. HELLO. Sold. So now we have a turtle wagon.

Pretty hilarious that on the same day we bought a mini-van we also went to a rock concert. The Devil Whale and Fictionist were playing in SLC and 2 hours before the show I decided we should go. So I called upon some wisdom and found some babysitters (EZ was already asleep... so really their job was kush), put on a new dress and some boots, then proceeded to bump and grind my husband for a few hours. Well, not really. BUT! We do own a van now... and do you KNOW how much space we have? Bowchicawowow.


And the concert was really good. It's refreshing to hear live music.

And the babysitting gig was really kush because he slept the entire time and only moved his head 6 times (she counted) while they watched the Princess Diaries II. Oh, that Anne Hathaway.

And that is the story all about how our life got flipped, turned upside down...

yo home to Thor-up... Or something like that.


  1. i HAVE to see a photo of this green van. rip mazda.

  2. I read this on my phone and with all the spacing I thought there were photos and they weren't loading so I waited forever then i got bored and started reading. Ha
    They say geniuses -geniusi? pick green. or so they say on meet the parents.

    Im glad you like your van. I couldn't do it.

    and it IS funny you went to a concert and bought a van in the same day