Friday, November 4, 2011

October 2011

Matt and I spent too much time discussing adult things in October. Insurance, premiums, deductibles, bills, IRAs, HSAs, HRAs, more insurance, more bills, blah blah blah. Sometimes being an adult is so boring. And stressful. And never ending.

At least we had that cute kid to snug on all month long.  The difference between a 2 month old and a 3 month old is astounding. He went from smiling occasionally to greeting us with smiles every time we made eye contact. And eye contact in general is amazing. And he started laughing! And responding to books and stories and kisses and tickles.

Halloween seemed to last 2 full weeks since the Manor Massacre movie was on the 14th and we partied all the way 'til the 31st.

Matt did a lot of insanity work outs, built a spook alley for the ward party, and got an official copy of his first published game, Helam :)

Carla turned 26, started working part time, and spent a lot of time with her sister. She also took like 500 pictures on her iPhone because she is crazy obsessive.

EZ read a lot of books, spent time with his grandparents & cousins (and got a new baby girl cousin!), and was kissed so many times his cheeks were nearly rubbed raw. 

Goal for November is to take more photos of Matt and myself, eat a lot of food while simultaneously feeling grateful for everything we have, and gear up for a bangin' holiday season.

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  1. He's totally a blend of you two! I'm dying of that cute smile of his and perfectly sweet creamy skin! What a handsome guy you have!

    And it sucks to be an adult. I signed up for all sorts of insurance snazz and retirement and what nots this month too. I hate kissing all the money goodbye but the peace in mind is good too.