Friday, November 11, 2011

lazy with a side of cookies

since the day light saving time change (no s on saving, kacey!) on sunday, matt and i have been super lazy at night. the darkness beckons us to be in PJ's by 7:30 and watch tv instead of any type of excercise or productivity. we have baked cookies every single night after EZ is asleep and usually eat them in bed while watching netflix.

heaven help us that we don't continue all winter this way, or our bums will be less licious and all booty.

we did however sell our cool kid's Mazda CX7 and are in the process of purchasing what we like to call our Turtle Wagon. green? van? if only matt still had his beard!

and just because i can, here is EZ dressed in his prison best. ---->

thank goodness it's the weekend.


  1. i love prizon z. he's the cooliest.

  2. freaking time change. it's the worst chub promoter for me. all i want to do is eat pasta, bread, and treats while i wait for summer.

    oh, and that zeke is the cutest little prisoner i've ever seen (but as i said before you can't wrong with stripes. )