Friday, November 4, 2011

the barnyard dance

alternate title? the one wherein you hear my voice.

videos are harder for me to post online because you hear my real voice instead of my "blogging" voice.  and not only my real voice, but my book reading voice. and it's pretty weird. and raw footage instead of carefully selected pictures (because yes, i always choose the best ones... is that vain?)

however, this is my life. and this is my voice. and this is my insanely cute kid loving this book. his face lights up at the very first sentence and i am melted into a puddle of mama goo.

so there you have it, internet. my voice. and EZ's chatter & spit. and his favorite book :)


  1. are you kidding me?! from the second this starts you can how much he loves his momma! those lifted brows and smile kill me.

    crap. i can't look at your blog anymore. i want one like yesterday.

  2. hahaha so cute! i couldn't stop smiling and laughing :)

  3. aw so cute!!! i love it. his little smiles melt my heart.

  4. You're such a cute mom, and I just love little EZ's spit bubbles. Little boys are so cute!

  5. Its good to see the real you! Oh and Carter loved watching EZ. He kept pointing and even said EZ...which sounded more like "E e"

  6. well that was ADORABLE. (and now i feel guilty for never reading to sawyer. oops.)

    oh ez is my favorite little blog baby.