Thursday, October 6, 2011

September 2011

We started the month with a newborn and ended it with a full blown man baby. We are still #obsessed with EZ and almost everything we did revolved around his precious little face. We also switch between calling him EZ or Zeke or Red in almost every conversation, and are already planning on him having a wee bit of name confusion in the future. At least we are preparing! We got excellent news that a Thorup cousin is a comin' next April and are excited EZ won't be solo no mo'. And even more 2nd cousins next spring as well. Babies everywhere!

We went to 3 different lakes, spent a lot of time outside (some would even say I have a "tan" on my pasty skin), and kept our house clean 68% of the time.  We tried to take a lot of family pictures together- some turned out cute, others were just plain funny.  And Guido is still part of the family, even when he drives us bonkers and chews on things he shouldn't. We even gave him his very own binkie (he stole it... we just let him keep it.)

Matt finished working on his first published video game (comes out in November!), and in the credits it not only says Matt's name, but it also says "Babies born during production: Ezekiel Red Thorup." So basically he's famous in his 2nd month of life. Booyah. Matt's favorite part of September was hiking up Bell's Canyon while carrying his boy on his chest, even though it rained and we all got a bit damp. Lunch was delicious next to the lake, and so was the company of a 15 week pregnant Asian. Love you Janno!

Carla was still a woman baby-obsessed while also trying to find a way to function in society. Apparently being able to function in society is important (I guess...) so she's been working on it. Also, she is figuring out how to navigate the PBB. PBB = Post Baby Body.  Proportions are all out of whack! My armpits smell different! She is much bustier than she knows how to handle! Cool it on the muffin top, girl! It's definitely been an adjustment, but the month of September allowed her to work out most of the kinks. And she chopped her hair off at the end of the month just because. And likes it.

EZ is still way awesome. {Like we could hide that fact if we tried.}  He was so sweet and little at the beginning of the month, and by the end he was a smiling, chubby, strong-necked 2 month old. The doc said he can hold his head up like a 4 month old! What a champ. Also, he really liked all of the hats I made him wear. And he can furrow his brow like a professional furrow-er. He gets fussy around 7-8 pm and just wants to be snugg'd with his binkie & to go to bed. Oh, and he is a sleeper! Must be his daddy's blessed genes. He consistently sleeps 5-6 hours at night (from like 8:30-2:30 or so), then is up for 40 minutes and goes back down for 3-4 hours. That means mama doesn't even need a nap! Oh, and sometimes he even sleeps for 7 hours straight! We had a few mom dates, went walking a lot, and even went to the zoo! He loves hanging out with me, I can just tell.

Not bad, September. Not bad at all.

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  1. 1. that picture of guido smelling him is hilarious! he looks so angry at little red!
    2. that family picture is precious. and you're a blonde that looks good in yellow!
    3. sporting the apple hat. very apropos
    4. give him a squeeze for me! and a high five for iketopus!