Monday, October 3, 2011

party like it's your


26th Birthday to be exact.

I want to:
kiss my dashing husband.
snug my effing adorable kid.
buy some new make-up.
maybe some new running shoes.
eat a chicken gyro with feta cheese.
have a piece of pie.
maybe even 2.
and spend all day putting "birthday!" in front of every word.

birthday breakfast!
birthday shower!
birthday shopping!
birthday dance!

you see? Fun!

 {and I chopped my hair off. Just in case you can't tell from el foto.}


  1. Happy Birthday!

    Your hair looks amamamamazing!

    Super J

  2. happybday.
    I want to see more of your new haircut and more of your effing adorable kid.

  3. birthday in front of words is brilliant.

    my birthday is in one month and 4 days, and i'm totally snagging on to this concept early.

    birthday online shopping begins now.

    oh and a huge HAPPY birthday to you again.

    double the fun.

  4. Woot woot to being 26th! Sorry I didn't actually wish you happy birthday on your birthday, being on vacation has made me dismiss technology for awhile, it's been kind of nice!

  5. sounds like a perfect birthday plan, happy birthday to you!

  6. and here is your birthday comment! please don't hate me for being late with it. i've had to ignore blogland for a couple days. but here i am now with a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY for you! sure hope it was a marvelous day.

  7. birthday comment!
    zeke looks so cute.
    hope it was a great birthday.