Sunday, October 16, 2011

named & blessed

We celebrated your baby blessing on October 9, 2011. You were handsomely dressed in a white romper, blue & white striped socks, and a perfect little bow tie. Absolutely scrumptious is how we'll remember you.

Your papa was nervous and his hands were shaking before he stood up to bless you, but you wouldn't have guessed that with the power that came out of his mouth while asking our Heavenly Father to watch over you. The holy spirit was strong and sniffles were heard through out the chapel. Priesthood holders upheld and encircled you as you stared wide-eyed up at your papa.  My favorite part was when he reminded you of how many people love you {made apparent with how many loved ones came to support} & when he blessed you with open lines of communication between your parents and most importantly, your Heavenly Father. Oh how important those two things are! If you just remember that you are loved and that you can always always always talk to us & to your father in heaven, then you will never feel alone.

There are big things ahead, my boy. Big things just for you & and it's a privilege to sit front row to all of it.

Your father and I hope you know that we have a testimony of Jesus Christ, and pray each day that you'll know that for yourself one day.  We are closer to heaven because of your spirit in our home. We understand true love better and are so grateful to be your parents. 

You didn't hold back your charm and made sure everyone got smiles and big blue eyes when they held you.  You really know how to crank up the volume on cuteness, EZ. And although people came over to our house for a light brunch, you really had them eating right out of your hand.  Or right out of those edible thigh rolls... because man alive are they delicious.                

 And right when everyone was leaving our house, you decided you were done hanging out and just wanted some food, a snug, and a nap. So that's exactly what mama gave you. 

We love you as big as the sky and as wide as the sea, baby bear. So glad you're ours.

love, Mama & Papa


  1. This is so sweet Carla! I can't wait for Graham to be able give a babe a blessing. That's rad!

    And you guys are the greatest little family. Love all of your attire!

  2. So sweet! Love the power of the priesthood.

    That last little face kills me. He is so handsome.

  3. I'm pretty sure you and I were baptized the same day, right? Which so happens to have been on October 9th. Not that it's really that significant, because clearly baptism and baby blessings are different, but I just thought I'd point it out anyway. I hope you're loving snuggling that adorable little boy!

  4. um he's growing too fast! You look a to the mazing, as always.

    I want in on whatever little day outing you go on next!