Monday, October 10, 2011

interrupting the regularly scheduled programming (and by that i mean the usual overload of baby pictures) to bring you...

the 7th edition of the Manor Massacre Production's Halloween Movie! In 3D! (not really)
Remember how my husband and his brothers and their friends put on a Halloween movie each year? Let me remind you... 2008 The Hitchhiker, 2009 Macfisto, 2010 Sicks (watch the full movie here), and now... 2011 is the year of THE DEVICE.

Oooooohhhhh. Scary.  Like the poster says, you can go to for more info - and you can also watch the trailer there! Or you can watch it by clicking play below! I'm making it too easy for you. 

From what I've heard about the final product... it's quite a bit scarier than the previous years, so come prepared to be spooked! (Possibly be over the age of 13 as well... for scary content) Need more perks for coming? It's located at the Post Theater on the U of U campus, so you'll look like a college student! (unless you already are one, then you'll fit right in!) It's only $6! It'll get you in the mood for Halloween 2 weeks in advance! Live music before the shows! Oh, did I say shows? YES! There are TWO showings! 7:00 pm or 9:15 pm! Come to one or come to both! AND don't let me forget the raffle with lots of free prizes!

So here's the final run downizzle: you get to see a scary Halloween film, dance to live music, look like a cool U of U student, feel the spirit of Halloween, and also possibly win a prize? Need 1 more incentive?

Bam! That's right, you can get Zeke'd on because this dude will totally be there. And I'll even introduce you to him and possibly let you fall in love with him.

So yeah, it'll be worth it.

{Like I can do a post without including his picture. I'm obsessed, remember?}

So come! Halloween is the best, so celebrate in freaking style with the Manor Massacre crew.

THIS Friday, October 14th @ the Post Theater (U of U), 7:00 or 9:15 pm, you can buy tickets online or at the door (just $6!), live band, raffle with prizes, and some baby snugs! Win, win, scary win.

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