Monday, October 24, 2011

i wish somebody would call me their shorty

So I've had the same song stuck in my head for a week now, and it just pops up in the most random apple bottom jeans... boots with the furrrr, the whole club was looking at herrrr times. And I usually end up tapping my foot or swaying my booty or nodding my head like some crazypants woman stuck in her own world. But I'm pretty sure I am stuck in my the whole club was looking at herrr own little world. She hit the floor, next thing I know, shorty got low low low low low low low low.

I started working part time at the beginning of October and it keeps a mama bear b to the izzy. Thankfully EZ is with stellar sitters {thanks Em and Carole!} so I can work hard & get lost in my job for a few hours. And he does come to the office with me on occasion because my boss is beyond accommodating. It is nice to be good at something and super productive, even though I miss my boy sumpthin' fierce. There are always trade-offs. Such is life, isn't it?

I went running for the first time post-baby last week and all I could think was "Oh! I need me a second sports bra!" Seriously. But! I am starting a 5k running schedule over the next few weeks and then plan on running a half marathon in the spring. Girl's gotta keep her goals.

Sometimes it pays to have an apple obsessive husband because you get a fancy new upgraded iPhone 4s the day it comes out. Even when he doesn't get one for himself. What sacrifice!  The camera quality is coco-nuts nice.

Suburgatory is a great television show. As well as Up All Night. And of course, The Community. Television is so much better than movies.

And I love my book club. Can't wait for the Thursday night party.

Brain dumping feels good.


  1. i went to a halloween party last weekend and one of the highlights was when they played that song. we all got low and it was awesome. wish i had boots with furrrrr though. up all night! thank you for reminding me to get caught up. sort of fell in love with that show instantly. and 5k? way to rock it! i vow to be more like you and go running at least once this week. baby steps. i will run a marathon someday. even if that someday is when i'm 90 years old - it will happen.

  2. ha- that's our song! we love it. we stop everything and dance and sing. james says furrr really-no, REALLY- funny. you'll have to hear it some day.

    5k! woo! i want to do one of those tough mudder things. have you heard about them? we were supposed to do on at the end of november, but that didn't work out.

    i wish up all night was more about the beginning. like a new born. i haven't seen the labor episode yet. but it's still funny. except i don't like ava. the new neighbor one cracked my ship up.

  3. Hey-What is your work schedule like anyhow? I keep thinking we should do an afternoon hang out of sorts, but I don't know when you're free these days. Glad your surviving life in style. Shawn got the 4s...and said I could have it, but I can't justify spending that much on a phone. I'll wait for my upgrade. The extra $250 is killer!

  4. okay, so is "shorty" like, a thing? is that like "boo" or something? i'm old. i need help. alls i know is it's on my kids' favorite song (eenie meenie)and we sing it not understanding why...

    up all night is SO great! i laugh at every episode. i think it's sweet. and i echo your sentiments about tv > movies.

  5. i just love reading your blog! i found it through friends of friends of friends, and i think you're crazy awesome.
    also, i just started watching "up all night" - it IS good!

  6. We love Up All Night! Laughed so hard at the Birth episode. "I'm just going to leave this 'pen' on the table... {it's the pot}".

  7. Such a great post! I love brain dumps! I am going to Spain and I know you and Matt had an epic adventure there... anything I HAVE to see while I'm there?? P.S. EZ is the most adorable little boy I have ever seen!

  8. @kylee- get down gurl! i bet it's easier to run a marathon when you're in your 20s than when you're 90! you should totally do it.

    @kello! Ava is GREAT. what are you talking about?

    @mel- i work MWF mornings, so Tues/Thurs are best for me. Let's hang!

    @robin- yes "shorty" is a "thing." i like how you asked that question. and i love eenie meenie!

    @kylie- thanks yo!

    @megan- i would have totally taken pot if someone brought it to the hospital. next time? ;)

    @chrystn - the beach in spain is magical! also we loved Barcelona! and Madrid! basically all of it.

  9. 1. once i was walking around in nyc and a big black man in a puffy coat and gold chainz walked right up to me and said heyyyyy shawty. one of my proudest moments.
    2. i just got the ok to go running... the 2 sports bra tip will be beneficial. thx. and a 5k and half marathon? YOU GO GURL!
    3. i bust a gut every time i watch up all night.