Thursday, September 22, 2011

my ez boy's nursery

How it went down:
+Painted white walls
+Martha Stewart Precious Metals Paint for the striped wall
+Perfectionist friends who painted the stripes
+Matt changed the closet from brown sliders to white bi-folds.
+Free glider was painted white and recovered blue (with help from my mama & Rac)
+$5 garage sale little rocking chair was cleaned, sanded, conditioned
+Baby Mod ParkLane Crib from walmart online.
+Ikea expedit shelf turned sideways with legs for the bench/bookshelf
+The changing table is actually an Ikea desk that we already had.
+Curtains from Ikea, and I added the blue strip at the top to match the glider fabric.
+Most proud of the yellow & white chevron bumper pads because I made them, piping and all!
+2nd most proud of the chalkboard because we used Home Depot rulers for the border, and they are the correct dimensions to measure EZ's height as he grows.
+Yellow frames from D.I. then spray painted.
+Posters on the wall chosen by Matticus, the silver EZ painted as a present from Rac.

There would be a few more things I'd change or finish if I had a bit more time/money (remember when I had a baby 2 days after this post? pretty funny.)

But, we like it. 


  1. I LOVE it all!!!! It's perfect. My favorite parts are the crib bedding (how in the world do you sew piping?), collage about changing table, and gray shelf turned sideways. Genius. Oh and the ruler chalk board. I guess I love everything, which is what I said at the beginning of my comment. :)

    But, for the record I love the actual EZ the best.

  2. dido to shalynna's comment.

    i love it all!!

  3. this looks fantastic! I adore the piping! Such a great look! And how clever to use the home depot rulers! Fab! xo

  4. yep. i'm in agreement with the others.

  5. So much love for this room. My favorite bit is the chevron peeking through the crib.