Tuesday, September 13, 2011

kangaroos have it right

carrying my boy around in a sling or front pack is my activity favorito. i've picked and washed pears, done the dishes, blogged, ate lunch, walked, and slept all while he's snugged up to my bosom. and check out his hat! lookin' fly while being protected from the sun.


  1. My sling and my wrap are my two favorite pieces of baby equipment. Preston lived in my Moby wrap for his first six months of life--wouldn't have survived without it! Glad you discovered babywearing! It's the BEST!

  2. so fly for a white guy (sorry.. i couldn't resist.)

    he's an adorable kangababe.

  3. that last picture is so so sweet!

    so i'm interested in slings and have never done them before- what is the best brand?

  4. ha ^ kate.

    he looks so snuggly! i hope our son likes to snuggle. my little niece is NOT the snuggler and i kinda don't like her for that. i mean i love her, but i'm annoyed she doesn't snuggle. ike WILL snuggle this momma. and he will wear all the snugglesaurus shirts, too. and like it.