Thursday, September 1, 2011

August 2011

I've been meaning to journal more of the normal stuff in our lives as months pass by and I forget so many details. This is my newest attempt: blog about the previous month around the first of the current month. It'll be wordy, and I won't be offended if you just scroll down for the few pictures and move on.

Two days before August officially began, we welcomed sweet Ezekiel Red into our lives. August has been a month devoted to him.  It's been awesome. Like super awesome.

EZ (pronounced eazy) has become the best kind of normal at the casa de Thorups. He spent his first few days learning how to eat, and when that didn't come easy for him, we used a shield to help him latch. At his first pediatrician appointment (and after some hinting from Grandma DaNell), it was determined EZ was a wee bit tongue tied, so the Doc clipped a teeny bit under his tongue to make his reach longer. It has made all the difference in his latching abilities, and after 2 weeks of weaning from the shield, he has become an un-assisted expert eater.  And it's showing! In 33 short days on this earth he is already starting to chunk up. He is more alert, his eyes are clearer, and his little smiles are appearing more often. He also learned how to really belt his cries when he's unhappy, fill up a diaper in no time, and furrows his brow more often than not. He usually sleeps at least one 4-hour shift at night, and occasionally 6 hours! He'll take a binky, he likes walks, his neck muscles get stronger every day, and he loves to be held in mama's sling. He's lost most of his hair on the top of his head {due mostly to too many kisses & snugs}, and still has most of his side/back hair.

Carla's August has been completely filled with EZ boy. She was generously given 2 months off form work (she will head back part time in October), and has spent the entire month of August smothering her son with kisses. Also learning how to breastfeed, how to change a diaper without really opening her eyes, the best way to remove neon yellow poo stains from clothing, and how to lay low while recovering from a c-section. She hasn't really mastered keeping a clean house yet, but does manage a load or two of laundry each week. She is excited to get her body back (fully) from birth, and can't wait to start exercising again. She thankfully hasn't suffered too much form postpartum emotions, and napped quite frequently through out the month. She also will eat anything in front of her, especially if it's high in sugar!

Matt has been working hard for the money, and went back to work the day after we came home from the hospital.  He is enjoying his job, but is doing more 2D art rather than 3D like he'd prefer. He also has been doing freelance logos on the side for extra income, and raised his son in the "lion king" manner more times than we can remember- song included.  He has been suffering from migraines more often than normal this month, and we are trying to work that out with various types of doctors/chiropractors/shamans/black magic. He hosted a UFC fight night, walked Guido a lot, read a lot about bare-foot running, and still found a lot of time to eat Wendy's nuggets.

We received so much generosity from friends and family this month. Lots of presents, dinners, and excitement.  None were more excited than Matt's parents- Grandpa David and Grandma Carole. EZ is their first grandchild and they are SO ECSTATIC. I had to capitalize that, because really - it's TRUE.  And it's been really great to see them start this new phase of grand-parenting. Grandma DaNell was over almost every day for 2 weeks to make sure the house was clean and Carla was eating and sleeping.  All of the other family members and friends made the month of August fly by with lots of visits and phone calls. People really showed up for the party!

Guido is adjusting alright, and sneaks licks to the face/feet/hands multiple times a day no matter how hard we try to avoid that happening. And he is wicked fast at stealing baby socks.

August was one of the fastest months of our lives, but also so full that it'll probably go down as a favorite. Lots of baby lovin' and free food! What more could we have asked for?

All pics were taken during EZ's first week on earth by the ever talented Jalene of J. Taylor Photography (also did our cute pregnancy shots.) She totally nailed it!  She was a delight to work with... even when EZ pooped all over the pillow/me/carpet she didn't even bat an eye and kept on going! And she came over when she was super busy and getting ready for a 10 day vacation because she knew it was important to this new hormonal mommy. You should hire her! Thanks Jalene!


  1. I like these wordy posts. I read everyone... I'm so happy for you and EZ.

  2. love the pictures. love the nursery. love your words.

  3. cute post. i didn't skip any of it.

    i wish so badly that i was blogging when parker was born. i would love to have all those days documented like this...

  4. aww thanks! he is such a cute little nugget. i need to get him on my blog.

    you guys are just great great great! i really loved every moment spent with you guys... poop and all!

    let's not let this die, 3 month pictures? 6 month pictures? really... they grow so fast! ;)