Monday, August 15, 2011

papa bear

Matt turned into a natural papa the second he saw sweet EZ. Like he literally begged the nurses to show him how to best change a diaper & swaddle the little man. Also, I was pretty spent (and sick from the drugs/surgery/trauma) on EZ's birth day, so Matt pulled super-dad and took care of every little detail of our son's first day of life. And the next 3 in the hospital as well.  I wasn't very mobile and he jumped at every opportunity to flex his new dad muscles.

And it's awesome. Like really really awesome to see the boy that I have loved for so long comfortably hold his new baby. And kiss him! Sweetest little bearded kisses!

Consider me melted.


  1. melted is right!

    way to go matt! glad you have a good man, lady!

  2. What I am most excited for about motherhood is to see Lando as a dad... this melts my heart, too.

  3. oh my goodness, look at that baby. i'm in love. so happy for you carla!