Sunday, August 7, 2011

one week with zeke

Big EZ.
Lil' EZ.
Squeaky Zekey.
Sleazy EZ.
Big Red.
EZ Red.
EZ Kill.

So many nicknames in just a week.

One of the reasons we chose the name Ezekiel Red was for the endless possibilities of nicknames. Oh how I love nicknames!

The other reason was because of what it means.

Ezekiel means "God will strengthen."

If EZ only had one good quality in his life, I'd hope it was that the strength of God runs through his veins. Thankfully, his short time on this earth shows me he has a million good qualities.  Matt and I only hope that he'll know how deeply his parents love him, his grandparents love him, and mostly God loves him. And literally that he'll possess the strength of God to make it through this mess of a mortal world. And lead with it. And love with it. And share it with all those he meets. And continually rely upon a loving Heavenly Father to strengthen him in all that he does.

Red was Matt's choice and we only hope he gets the passion and fury for life that is often associated with red heads (whether he is a ginger or not!) Plus, Matt has a huge red beard that he quite likes :) And it sounds like a viking name!  Also, I pray every day that he turns out like his father. I love that man endlessly, and seeing him as a father has me standing back in amazement. It's incredible what his son has done to him as a person, as a husband, and as a man. He will forever be a new man because of this precious baby.

Thorup is not only Zeke's last name, but an honor to have as a title. A badge that he comes from a superb heritage of men & women of faith, hard work, and love. I am grateful every day to be apart of the Thorup family, and am so glad that our boy will hold this name forever. (I also must say that he is a Glade (my maiden name) - because look at that nose! That is a Glade nose, people. And he is pretty lucky to come from my stock too! We are strong stock, the Glades.)


  1. zeke is my new favorite boy name. i am going to have another baby just so it can be a boy and i can name him zeke.

    i love this post. what a great, great name. he will love you forever for giving him such a cool, unique name. and not something weird. you live in utah, you know what i mean.

    and he's DARLING! (he was born on the same day as my niece. so that's cool.)

  2. are you saying it, E then Z? or like "ease" OR "ehz" i just want to make sure i'm saying it right in my head when i read it :) like before the harry movies came out i had no idea how to pronounce hermione. i just called her hermy in my head every time i read it...


    i'm so extremely excited for you. i bet being home with him is the shizz.
    but i'm gonna need more pictures...

  3. I love that you explained the reason behind why you named him Ezekiel Red Thorup. He's darling, so darling. And I agree wholeheartedly, he definitely has a Glade look to him. I hope you're enjoying being a mama, I'm so happy for you guys!

  4. i'm cracking up about kelly's comment ^.

    this is a beautiful post, carla! what a great writer you are!

    and i'm totally smitten with your little red, EZ, zeke etc..

  5. Kello- E & Z- like eazy. That's how we say it! And I'm pretty sure everyone said hermy until the movies came out! I like that you clarified :)

    Robin- have more babies! You make such beauties!

    Amy and Kate, thanks! You guys are too sweet for your own good.