Thursday, August 25, 2011


*striped socks are all the rage. they look like knee highs right now and it's so flippin' cute.
*peanut butter m&ms are not to be consumed in full bags (may cause extra gassyness for all parties)
*thanksgiving point visit wherein i actually got sun on my face & had an official mom-outing.
*teeny tiny foot & hand prints were made before a bath.
*matt earned super dad points for staying with EZ while mom went out with the book club for a movie (the help.)
*he is almost 4 weeks and i'm not even sure how it happened. time moves so quickly it's unreal.
*the stroller arrived and we are walking regularly. recovery is definitely on track.
*we will have a chunky baby on our hands in no time.
*sometimes all it takes is a good cuddle and he'll sleep like a champ.
*news radio is pretty funny. and we already went thru friday night lights. good thing for netflix.
*guido is still adjusting, and is mostly good - until he's not. we're working on it. he loves to steal baby things and hide under the bed.

1 comment:

  1. He's darling, seriously darling!
    Thanks for informing us what not to do when it comes to the consumption of peanut butter m&ms, love those things.
    Also, I'd like to note how awesome it is that you're still going about your life with a newborn. I feel like most moms a)wouldn't leave their child just yet to go to a movie and b)actually take your baby to a movie. Seriously love it!