Sunday, August 21, 2011

a movie

Matt and I took Zeke to a movie on Saturday.

We planned it so we could have the most successful outing:

-Movie started at 10:50 AM, so an early early morning matinee
-I nursed right before we left so he'd be asleep and snuggly
-We sat on the top row of the theater so I could stand up and bounce if necessary
-There were only 3 other people in the theater (we checked before buying the tickets.)

It almost went off without a hitch... except he let one rip right when we were walking into the theater and I had to change him before it blew out of his diaper. Oh, and that woke him up - so he was wide awake instead of sleeping. We almost threw the white flag in surrender when he started rooting right when I sat down... but instead powered through! I nursed, then bounced, then he finally fell asleep in his sling for the second half of the film. He squeaked a few times, but didn't even bother a single person! Twas very empowering for parents of a 3 week old :)


  1. I'm using you guys as a parenting model to follow one of these days!! Glad to hear you're finding your groove as parents to your cute Zeke!!