Friday, August 19, 2011


the # of photos i've taken on my phone in the last 3 weeks.

i cannot stop myself from clicking away.

i have over one thousand with my camera and phone combined since he was born.

heaven help our hard drives.

hipster baby//cute jean bum
 mama loves//papa loves
 what are these curious things?//sleepy boy
 awake//happy slinging
 goooood morning salt lake//first official michael jackson pose

instagram photos are all over the place, this i know. but i am on the bandwagon and cannot stop myself. and basically this blog is now a baby EZ blog. so if you're not really invested in this kid, you may want to look away now or forever hold your peace.


  1. i love that ez hipster bum! snap away my dear, i'll always be reading.

  2. I ran into your sister the day you were in the hospital delivering your little guy...saw Amy's link and thought I'd take a look...he's adorable! happy for you!

  3. i was hoping you'd raise him the hipster way! and that mj shot? claaassic.
    i'm so here it's insaane.

  4. i will not look away. nor will i stop "liking" your pictures on instagram.