Wednesday, August 10, 2011

good mornings

 I love mornings with my boy.

He isn't great at burping yet, but he sure does try.

He almost always has his bottom lip sucked in tight, unless he's just eaten. Then it's plump and out.

The iPhone, the boppy, and a large water bottle are necessities when nursing. Netflix is optional, but nice during the day.

I've been listening to the Book of Mormon during our late night nursing sessions to keep me alert & focused. Funny how becoming a mother helps to see things with a new perspective.

Matt gets up and checks on EZ during the night just for his own peace of mind.

He is sleeping in a bassinet next to our bed because I can't imagine him far away. Never thought I'd be one to use a bassinet.

I love nursing. And how perfectly he fits in my arms.


  1. carla carla carlota. your baby boy is so cute. i love these pictures and i'm so happy you're happy. that being said, i don't appreciate you making me baby-hungry just when i was getting over it.

  2. this is beautiful. he's beautiful. you're a beautiful momma.

    yep. beautiful i tell ya!

  3. So sweet Carla! It only gets better.

  4. you have no idea how excited your blog makes me to have my baby! ahhh! your little boy is so precious.

  5. i am loving all this baby-ness. what a sweet post.

    it makes me really wish i had a blog when i first became a mother back in 2004. i would have loved to have a record of sweet moments like you have.