Monday, August 15, 2011

2 week boy

EZ had his 2 week check up on Friday and he's up to 7 lbs 6 oz! Mama's milk is doing him good and it's fantastic. Matt and I chose his pediatrician based on proximity to our home (very close), but after our first meeting, we think she's awesome. Matt and I think we're pretty funny and laid back, but when she said "you two are doing great! and might I say, you're very laid back compared to most first time parents, so well done" she pretty much sealed the deal with our relationship.  And her staff thinks we're really funny (like when the jokes just keep on flying!). Win win win.

He's alive! And gaining weight! I was given the go head to stop waking him up every 3 hours (we've been on a very strict mama made schedule to make sure he's eating enough), and let him wake himself up on his own. He slept nearly 4 hours straight last night!  And he peed all over the doc's office like a champ! Matt and I often fist pump or give high fives and say "Ha ha! We're doing it!" It really does sort of feel like we're winning at life lately.

And I made that car seat cover and it's cute. And strangers can't get too close to my precious lovehead.


  1. i'm sending you a fist pump for being rad parents!

  2. untz untz untz.
    just some club music for your fist pumps. you guys did great with ez. he's cuuute.

  3. You guys are great parents. It's fun reading your perspective on new parenting. I have been going to the pictured pediatricians office for 12 years! I would give up my husbands job if our insurance said we had to switch! I love all the doctors there but my favs are Dr. Gustin, Dr. Conover and Dr. Gale. They have seen me through four kids, including premature twins. You did good!