Tuesday, July 19, 2011

thirty thirty thirty five. last week.

This baby burrito moves! Matt thinks it looks like he's trying to break out, and reminds him often that "it's not quite time, buddy." But by golly, it's getting closer! My weekly midwife appointments start tomorrow, I am working on a baby project every single day of the week (sewing, painting, hanging things!), and I have my first of four showers taking place this week.

Emotions are high and easily available as time is getting closer. I can't think of anything not related to our baby, and Matt is learning so much patience with the demands of his pregnant wife. I miss my ankles and I've gone up a shoe size, my poor wrists and fingers have carpal tunnel and often lose all feeling while I'm asleep, and tums are still a girl's best friend.  But I'm also sleeping pretty well, I still have quite a bit of energy, and I think we've settled on his name. A name! That means he is a real person! We can always change our mind, because that's the power of being the parents, but still. A name! I can't wait to put a face to the name.


  1. a NAME?!?! hurry and tell baby to come out! i want to know the name!! i hope i'm as cool as you when i've got a person in my belly.

  2. I know your too cool to spill the name on here but I am SO excited to hear it and even more exited to SEE him!

  3. i can't wait to hear what you decided on the name.

    and i love that you call your babe a burrito... except that i always crave cafe rio burritos afterwards.

  4. it always gets so exciting at the end... and so unreal!

    have fun with these last weeks and the endless comments:
    "when are you having that baby?"
    "do you know what the name is?"
    "get all the sleep you can now, cause when the baby comes..."