Wednesday, July 13, 2011

project train

We are still trying to get projects done around these parts. And by "we" I mean mostly me and Rac, with occassional help from Matt :) He does his part and keeps the dishes clean, so we're good!

This week was spray painting various chairs, and isn't Rac's chair going to be the most perfect shade of blue? Love it. We take turns spraying since we haven't invested in a nice spraying handle, and our fingers get tired. We worked on making my glider white for the baby's room, and also found some time to do some sewing. I like being productive because it makes me forget about my hugely swollen ankles.

Also, shout out to Rac on her 25th Birthday today!! You finally made it girl! Let's party!


  1. Love that blue color! So awesome!

  2. look at you, momma! workin hard.
    aahhhh you're so close!
    can i be on the call list? ha. i'm only a little bit kidding.

    somebody at least better be tweeting!

  3. So cute! You're singing my song, girl. And, you, preggo lady, where's your mask whilst you spray paint, yo?!

  4. been wanting to try some spray painting on a couple things but am always too nervous it won't turn out! beautiful color of blue though and being productive really is the best :)