Tuesday, June 28, 2011

last week

we went to 7 peaks on someone else's dime. and we pretended we were the baby by fetal positioning ourselves under the water in the wave pool. i bet that's close to what it actually feels like. i also couldn't fit into my swimsuit, so i 2-pieced it with a tank top instead. changed much?  i couldn't go on any of the slides, but it was still a splendid time. the boomerang looks terrifying.
 we went to a very pretty outdoor wedding that i was very excited to attend. every single detail was perfectly in place, the couple looked dashing, and matt busted out some MJ dancing. we've decided he needs to practice more, and always have slick shoes on just in case.

we skipped half of our saturday chores and went to super target instead. i bought blank compact discs and had a sudden urge to make a mix CD. sometimes i think the younger generations are missing out on things such as mixed CDs.{do they still do them?} we met up with friends for frozen yogurt and i had forgotten how much i miss them when we don't hang. must make that happen more often. 


  1. that wedding looks beautiful! and seven peaks is the bees knees.

  2. yeah for super target and free seven peaks. i got a season pass to seven peaks when i got married but then moved out east. so i didn't get to use it. boo.

  3. sounds like a great week! i love me some mixed tapes errr. cd's wait.. playlists. :)

  4. looooove the peaks! i'm super excited for your tiny t! let me know if you need anything!