Monday, June 6, 2011

i can see your halo

 i don't ever wear lipstick outside of my home. it always makes me feel more self concious and like i'm trying too hard. i'm working on it.  i do, however, wear it when i'm at home. usually by myself, and when i need to feel fancy in my pj's. also having really blonde hair and beyonce on the beats coaxes it out of me.

so i wore my fancy lipstick to take guido on a late night walk, do the dishes, and take mirror pictures for matt to see what i'd been doing while he was away with his boys on friday night. i love beyonce.


  1. you're hilarious.

    oh, and the lipstick? you look smashing lady! it's one of my favorite accesories.

  2. I love that you took dancing pictures of yourself in the mirror! Way to rock it.

  3. hahaha i love this. i'm also a fan of that neato pizzle cover. supa cool.

  4. Lipstick is so pretty on you! I think blondes look especially good in it. You should wear it. This weekend! :)

  5. i first saw the picture before i could read the bottom, and i thought- wow! i don't think i've ever seen her with lipstick on!

    i like the blondeblonde hair