Sunday, June 26, 2011

girl's camp 2011

Where leaders {possibly} have more fun than the girls.
Where toothpaste attracts snipes while hunting.
Where make-up is discouraged.
Where shadow puppets are so.flippin.funny. And scientific.
Where 2 mile hikes are just long enough for all involved.
Where testimonies are shared and God glorified.
Where pirate talk and eating with your hands is encouraged.
Where sugar is the main form of sustenance.
Where skits and songs and dancing is the norm.

'Twas a fantastic year. Lucky to have a calling in the Young Women.
And lucky they let me come even though I'm pretty darn pregnant.
32 weeks if we're counting.

And we are.


  1. You are such a trooper! I'm so blessed to be in YWs too, but I only went up for a day. (There's no way I would have been able to leave my baby for a week!) I'm glad you got to go though. Good times!

  2. What a fun time! Girls Camp is so great. I love that you said the leaders had more fun than the girls. I've always wanted a calling in YW!

    Seriously, you are so awesome for camping in your "condition" (I held the door open for someone one time and she said, "Oh, thank you. And especially in your condition!"). Did you sleep on a bed or air mattress? I hope so. I'm having a hard enough time getting comfortable in an air conditioned home on a comfortable bed.

    Can't wait for your baby to get here!

  3. i love when people say it's a "condition"! haha, that's awesome.

    i slept on a cot w/ a pad - and i was SO HOT at night i wanted to take my pants off while the poor girls next to me froze to death.

  4. Is that girls camp where we went or are you in a different stake? It looks similar that's why I asked.

  5. it's not the same place we used to go as kids, but funny that i am in the same stake! so usually we do go to the same place, just not this year.