Friday, June 10, 2011

for the calcium!

I just can't stop saying "Dirty Thirty!" and rubbing my belly inappropriately. Every week seems to go by quicker and quicker, and all of a sudden I'm in my thirties and the anticipation has shown up somethin' fierce. A baby! In like 10 weeks or so! Holy hell! I hope he has reddish hair! Or what about his lips?! What if he gets my flat little lips instead of Matt's big juicy ones? What if he comes out like 10 lbs!? I don't think we're ready for this jelly.

But then of course, is anyone ever "ready?"  If the lovely ladies of 16 and Pregnant can do it, then we, as 2 competent adults, will be able to do it! Right? Right! Pep talks and affirmations will be common occurances for the next few months.

I still feel great and just really enjoy all of it. I sometimes compare myself to like 15 week pictures, and even 18 weeks, and it's so incredible how the body just expands at a very rapid rate all on it's own. I don't even tell it to or have anything to do with it, really.  Except the daily ice cream intake- that might be a tweensy part of the "expanding" - but like the title says- girl's gotta get her calcium!

Occassionally I do think, dang! this girl be PREGNANT. Like getting in and out of cars, or carrying laundry up and downstairs, or bending over to pick something up. Matt did the noble husbandly thing and painted my toenails last night as that would have been impossible. [And they look great bubba!}

I have some sewing projects to work on and things to gather for his room, but slowly we're crossing things off lists and getting it all put together. A baby! What a game changer he'll be!


  1. You're lookin good, real good! So excited for your little one to come!

  2. this made me laugh! you have no idea how much comfort it give me to watch 16 and pregnant or teen mom. if they can do it so i can i. hahaha

    hooray for dirty thirty!

  3. you should be an ice cream model.
    now i want one.

  4. dirrrty dirty thirty!