Tuesday, June 21, 2011

a birth ball!

which is actually just a gym ball by another name.  at our birthing class last night, matt learned he must be the enforcer/protector/immovable papa bear while we're at the hospital for the delivery. he has assured me that he will take his duties very seriously, and that includes filling out all paperwork, making sure our preferences are followed, and growling if necessary.

this was after he played catch with the ball. and then bowled with the ball. and then suppressed laughter when someone said the word limp. i cannot wait for him to be a dad :)  i will not place all of the immaturity on him though, because i totally made a sex joke in front of the entire class last night {which was funny, and they laughed.} but still.

i've started to feel pretty big & a bit uncomfortable just in the last week, and as of yesterday i've started to waddle! my 32 week appointment yesterday revealed my hips are starting to stretch and my ligaments are becoming looser. great for the actual birth of a child, but not great for walking when gravity is involved. ouchie.

even with some of the uncomfortableness, i feel pretty pumped about all of these womanly changes. stretch marks! waddling! nip leakage! just means a sweet little bean is on his way and my body is showing up for the job.


  1. 32 weeks, are you kidding me?! How quick has this gone?!... does it feel like it's been quick? I'm trying to follow your example and not be a complainer on my blog - you've been a lovely, lovely example of a happy preggo woman for me.

  2. ummm....leaking nips.. yum. can't wait for the little guy! xx