Thursday, May 5, 2011

twenty-cinco de mayo

i couldn't resist a good theme for this 25 week celebration.
and i love how many times i can incorporate that sombrero into life events.

this boy is doing awesome. i feel super great 99% of the time. i also feel sort of bad for feeling so awesomely great when lots of women think pregnancy is the pits. for the record, i do not think it's the pits. i think it's awesome. {but i do feel for those ladies that don't feel this way... sorry.}

matt can feel outside kicking manifestations of his son almost daily, and i'm pretty sure he gets choked up about it. well, not really, but i wish he would. we've created magic, matt! i want some tears, dangit!

i'm measuring a nice 40 inches around and am in need of another new bra already. the books tell me my uterus is the size of a soccer ball {sweet!} and my baby is the size of a rutabaga. who in their right mind can accurately imagine a rutabaga without googling it? seriously.  i retain quite a bit of water if i don't drink or exercise enough, and that'll only get worse as the weather warms up. already time to start accepting the sausage fingers?

instead of doing just the nursery, we've decided to do our bedroom as well. why should the kid get all the cuteness when our bedroom needs some tlc? so both upstairs bedrooms are getting made over for the next few months and hopefully i'll proudly show them off (finished...) before he makes his grand entrance.


  1. i hope i can jump at 25 weeks!
    i definitely googled rutabaga.
    i don't think it's the pits! well- i guess for a short 30 seconds whilst my face is in the porcelain throne 5-6 times a day, but then a lift my face and smile. cause it's ALIVE! :) and it IS magic!
    i am very glad that you have had a great pregnancy- i think God showed you a lot of grace because you were away from matt for most of it. but who knows why He does what He does! :)

  2. i can't even jump that high and i'm not pregnant. these are some of the best pictures i have ever seen. EVER. so good i almost want to frame them for myself...

  3. @kello, i totally agree with all of your thoughts. smart little lady.

    @brissa - i'll send you the high-res shots so you can get 'em right up! (jk... but thanks for the compliment!)

  4. I give you a 10. The grace, near perfect arm positioning, and angle of the camera are really working for ya. You're a cute little pregnant lady!