Tuesday, May 3, 2011

so, what do you do?

We have been getting this question a lot lately, and by "we" I mostly mean Matt. He's been home from Seattle for 2 weeks now and people are starting to wonder what he is doing with his life.

Well, let me tell you, he's doing a lot. Like the dishes, and most of the house cleaning, and re-doing closets, and loving Guido all the time, and touching and rubbing and talking to my belly for long periods of time {wouldn't that be an awkward thing to do if I weren't pregnant?} He also has some mad yo-yo skills and got the scooters out to make sure they still work.

But obviously this isn't what people mean. They mean "do" as in how are you going to support your wife and your unborn child with your freshly-returned-from-Seattle fancy hands? And to this he answers, "I want to be a Modeler." And then people get weird eyes because they think Matt is trying to make it in modeling, and although he has great legs & nice, thick ankles, he is not actually going into the sexy world of leg modeling. 3D Modeler, Character Modeler, and/or Environmental Artist are some of the titles he'd like to have on a name plate that sits atop an ├╝ber modern desk in some fancy animation studio.

So he's worked really hard to get his online portfolio up and running these past 2 weeks, and I'm going to show him off today. You can go to http://www.mattinabox.com/ and see all things Matt Thorup. Consider this a very proud wife moment.

Now if anyone out there is like, "Hey, I have an uncle/friend/sister/father that works at Pixar/Disney/Lumenas/etc. - I wonder if I should hook him up?" Short answer - Yes. Long answer - Hells Yes. Feel free and help a brother out, because karma is a good thing to have on your side.

It's been beyond exciting to see Matt so passionate about what he wants to be/do in life. It makes me want to be more passionate about my own life, and then we can constantly be this super passionate couple that people  say- wow, there goes those Thorups & their passion. Won't that be a proud moment for our burrito to witness? Especially if our passion means making-out in public, because how embarrassing for our future passionchild!


  1. dude. i already say "there goes those thorups and their passion."

    you guys are rockin.

    way to to encourage matt to go after his dreams (cliche statement? probably. but true all the same.) i should do the same thing for graham. he wants to work as a harley davidson mechanic, and instead he's training to be a mortician. bummer right?

    i can't wait to high five your belly in person.

  2. so excited for you guys! so many new things to come! hopefully matt finds a yob soon. i don't know anybody that cool for the hook ups.
    roeds cousins live in orlando? that's all i got.

  3. wow--what a talent he has! congrats to you both, i can't wait to see what comes of all this!