Monday, May 23, 2011

pregnant in zion

Just got back from a fantastic family trip down to Zion National Park. Matt about had a panic attack hiking Angel's Landing because 1. He's scared of heights, and this hike uses chains to help guide you along a very narrow trail, 2. He was so nervous that his 6+ month pregnant wife was going to slip or fall or go cliff jumping, and 3. He was wearing 10 year old chacos that didn't have any traction.  (He later bought those nerdy 5 finger toe shoes for future hikes.) 

I got a lot of looks, double takes, comments, and some high-fives for doing the rigorous 5 mile hike in my pregnant state. I took more breaks than normal to catch my breath, and had to pee way more often than ever before, but overall it was great. And worth it. And the view is always incredible.


  1. you are the most legit pregnant lady i have ever read about. EVER.


    that hike kicked my butt when i was at my skinniest and IN SHAPE!

    you have my utmost respect lady.

  3. Carla, I was so excited to know that there would be another prego coming in June, but this post has proven that you and I are VERY different. :) I don't think I could hike that even if I wasn't pregnant. I'm so impressed!

    That view is gorgeous! I start to stress out a little when I think about the things we haven't done in Utah yet.

  4. Whoa you are totally amazing! You GO Girl! That is one awesome and difficult hike, non preggo!