Wednesday, May 25, 2011

oh, you two

He took me to a U2 concert just 9 days after our first kiss in November 2001.  This was the first time his parents had ever seen him really out with a girl, and they had never seen him holding a girl's hand. His mom even made a comment to him while I went to the bathroom about how strange it was to see her youngest son behaving this way. (Also about "getting action" or something equally wierd to have your parent talk to you about.) You see, U2 was a family event for the Thorup's. Seats were spread out all over the arena to partake of Bono and The Edge that year, and he had switched his (better) single seat with his brother for 2 seats in a different part of the stadium. We were 2 little loveheads completely alone, except for the thousands of other people there as well.

And as 16 year olds, we must have had really good lungs and lots of quality chapstick, because we totally kissed for entire songs. PG kissing of course, as we'd only just started our kissing careers a mere week and a half prior, but still- entire songs?! I think about it now and am so embarrassed, because who locks lips for entire songs!? In public no less! While standing only a few feet from other people! I blame it on the raging hormones and Bono's magical voice.

As we attended our 2nd U2 concert together last night, I am happy to report that we kept it classy even under Bono's magical voice. He's still got it! Although, don't think we weren't tempted to make-out. How awkward with Matt rubbing my round pregnant belly! Opportunity missed, my friends. I blame it on our maturity. You're welcome.


  1. Oh my gosh, everyone and their dog EXCEPT FOR ME was at the U2 concert last night! Not fair. Also, I love this story.

  2. haha... loved this little story. so many of our early memories are associated with music/concerts, too.

  3. Loved the little history here... The concert was amazing! The couple in front of us (not young) made out and felt each other up the entire concert! Bono must have some major power!
    I can't believe how many years I have been going to his concerts and he just gets better and better!

  4. I love the story about the U2 concert.