Tuesday, May 17, 2011

i am your mother

Written Mother's Day 2011

Baby boy,

My name is Carla and I am your mother. I think I prefer mama, but I'll take whatever you throw my way little booface. I haven't been sleeping well lately for a variety of reasons and almost without fail we have a 4 a.m. date.  Papa bear is quietly slumbering next to me, I can hear Guido's snores from the kitchen, and after a trip to the water closet, we lay in bed together pushing back and forth between belly skin. I have a feeling this late night date is going to become all too familiar between us. Good thing you're up for me now so when it's your turn I'll be up for you.  Brown noser! How does a little head of cauliflower already know the importance of such things? I swear it comes from your father, because he's the biggest suck-up I know. Unfortunately, sucking up totally works for me. I'm doomed!

However, I am officially addicted to your movements. I now understand why pregnant women touch their belly so much. It's not just because it sticks out all the time and is a convenient arm rest. No no no. It's because we are waiting for the next jab or tickle. It's the cocaine to our crack! Or some other drug to an addict! I'm not very familiar with the verbiage obviously, all I know is that I cannot wait for the next hit. The next kick. The next hiccup. I crave it like sugar and have a hard time believing it's real. Hallelujah we have 3 more months of this because I just can't get enuff. I'm a sucker!

I have dirty blonde hair and freckles, and am around 5' 4". I just want you to recognize me when you come out. I'll be the one bawling her eyes out and demanding all of your attention. I really can be very needy, so just be prepared to get a wee bit smothered. S to the mother!

Matt called me a "pre-mother" this year, and I accepted the title with little hesitation. I can't wait to obtain full mother status. Just taking it to the next level! That's the truth, love.  Sometimes I'm cranky and mean, and you'll want to actually call me la bruja ... but it'll pass. It always does. And then you'll realize I'm pretty awesome.  I'm your best friend, your forever advocate, and your first love. You don't have to admit that last one once you're like... 15. But I'll know it's the case. Mamas always do.


  1. That was awesome, I really enjoyed reading it! I'm excited for you and Matt. :)

  2. gal i'm a sucker, getting all teary eyed.

  3. this is so sweet carla!!

    what a great mother you are already!

  4. Best post ever?! Love this letter to your baby!