Tuesday, May 10, 2011

do you have 40 minutes?

I forgot to post this link, but I'm pretty sure that some of you haven't seen the Halloween movie SICKS that the Manor Massacre boys made last year. It's funny, and thrilling, and we're all pretty proud of how it turned out. Watch it and then start getting pumped for this year, because I'm sure they have another one in the works because Matt kept his beard for some of the filming :)

sicks from Ryan Sacks on Vimeo.

Or just click on the link and watch it from Vimeo because it'll probably look better. Ryan Sacks should get 95% of the credit for making this film happen because he is the man with the camera and the skills. Matt did the drawings you'll see, which I just like. And any single ladies out there, Toby is totally my brother in law and I'll hook you up since you'll be wanting to get with him by the end of the movie. I just know it. Nerd alert!

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  1. I think we need to get your brother in law set up with my sister in law...